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The Author Speaks about MGS Collab

2008-07-07 18:40:06 by keirupted

I am too, one of those people who is patiently waiting for the MGS Collaboration to come out. No, I am not one of those terrible people who writes bad things to Stamper or JohnnyUtah, pressuring them to release the final product, yet I checked it practically everyday to see if it was published. On the 5th of July, the day after Independence Day, it was to my surprise that it was released. Even if it was just Disc 1 of 2, I couldn't be more astounded. It was a sense of relief knowing that the project was going to be completed after a month of developing it.
After I watched it, I felt a slight disappointment with the creation of this project. I wasn't disappointed with the horrible animation or art style because that can be bypassed easily and hard to judge other people's idea of art. The issue that I have with this project is the content on some author have to share. I agree with the majority mass of our audience stating that the content of this collaboration has some horribly strong adult features. But then again, I forget where I am posting my animation, judging by the previous collaboration. I think next time we should really tone our adult content from a 20 to a 8 on a 1-10 scale. I'm just speaking from my own opinion and whomever believes in what I have to say and not for those who are still 10 years old and yet enjoy a good cock joke. That's what Playboy is for.
I'm not strictly against flamboyant penis flapping because I do find some jokes funny (very limited). I enjoyed DirtyPandaFilms because he doesn't emphasize the idea of what a penis is by drawing a bush, veins, or other uncanny features. Actually, it was rather cartoonish and very stylized, not to mention, slightly humerous. The one that really threw it over the top was Stamper's submission at the end. I get the joke, but how he comes across that idea is pretty wrong. I also remember watching Stampers Blamformers submission and it was also kind of raw. I'm not saying that Stamper should start putting underwear on all of his submission. Every artist here has their ideas and a form of humor that needs to be expressed and I salute them for their efforts. Maybe we should make our next collaboration with PG-13 materials. Sounds impossible? If it is, that's rather pathetic.
Other than that, I think that everyone did a great job for putting their effort and hard work into making this collaboration. If I had to choose a winner for these set of animations, I would choose HappyHarry87. Good job! But, all in all, I enjoy all styles that our authors has to share. I look forward to many more collaboration without excessive flaunting wieners rubbing all over my monitor. I have to Windex my screen every time I watch this.

The Author Speaks about MGS Collab


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2008-07-09 05:20:17

I loved your part best about that collab. It was just awesome in every way and you couldn't of animated it any better. I'm adding you to my favourites.


2008-07-09 22:10:33

your part was actually one of the only ones i truly enoyed


2008-07-11 11:40:37

I agree with both guys before me.
I laughed so hard at how he ate that snake like it was spaghetti. And the way he ate that guy LOL.


2008-07-12 02:17:13

Your submission was the best for animation.


2008-07-12 02:34:57

Glad you guys are enjoying my style of animation. I really wanted to put way more special 2D effect into this collab, but I didn't have the time. My next animation should be coming up and I'll place it here on Newground, since supposedly I have a little fan group going on here. I shouldn't be disappointing you guys, so I'll work hard and get it out there before you lose interest in me since you guys are the inspiration.


2008-07-12 02:41:56

Yeah man, you're animation was the only one that made me actually laugh out loud.


2008-07-13 17:38:33

JUst letting you know your part was my favorite good job =).


2008-07-17 20:27:48

yeah i cant even watch that collab if my parents are within 3 blocks of my house :\


2008-07-19 08:32:48

While I understand where you're coming from on the adult rating scale, I didn't mind most of the entries.

Stamper's did shock me when I watched it at first, and maybe the second and third times, but I grew to really enjoy the subtleties of the humor in it.

As a PS, the reason I came here in the first place-- Yours was spectacular. Easily one of my favorites from the outset.


2008-07-21 23:18:19

I thought yours was the funniest submission to the collab. You didn't need to use vulgar language or unfunny penis jokes to make your submission funny but jsut pure, classic humor. I do enjoy dirty humor and what not, but your submission was a nice change of pace from most of the other clips in the collab. I hope to see more from you, and your going under my favorite artists. :D

(Updated ) keirupted responds:

I'm glad everyone here is enjoying my work. I'll do my best to submit another piece when I get a chance. It's a lot better and funnier than what you saw on the collab. I just want to point out that penis jokes can be funny, 'IF' you know how to make it relative to a 'good' joke. This is also the same with showing blood and racial remarks. I shouldn't bag on Stamper too much, he did make a good piece, just vulgar. There are worse out there.
But imagine yourself making a good animation for the public to watch. Now, the people that are watching this could be your: parents, a child across the street, someone that you love. They're all going to pass judgement on you according to what you made. If you don't care who you offend or what people think about you, well, I can't say much. Just don't wield that knife that you cut yourself with at anyone else.
I promise to make another animation. It WILL be on the front page. I assure you! Where the heck is MGS Collab part 2?


2008-07-27 01:53:02

isnt this guy great?
*mr hahn*