Animation habits

2008-08-02 22:24:15 by keirupted

I ran into a website called AwkwardZombie and they had a specific web comic that I like by Katie Tiedrich. It was called 'Creative Expression' and it was explaining how people have certain habits when they are animating or drawing. Such as, on this comic, subconsciously making the exact expression on your face and applying it on paper. I thought it was funny because it is something that many artist do, including me.
I also related to this is when I'm animating or just brainstorming, I tend to make my hand as the character using the first and middle finger as legs. I know it's silly especially when I'm out in public, sitting down, or not being productive. I'm a little embarrased about this because this is what little kids do when they're bored. Sometimes I try to hide it by not being so expressive with by gestures. Even so, I ward people off around me, maybe get an occasional stares, a dirty look from an 5 year old girl. I feel like I should get a sign on me saying, "This is how I work, F* off."
For someone that's almost 30 years old, I really shouldn't be doing this. It's like a form of ADD. I can sit still, but I'll end up saying to myself, "Where the hell is my paper and pencil. I want to draw that guy that's in front of me and give him a third boob."
For anyone else who have these interesting habits, I would like to hear some shared and creative ideas. I'm sure that no one felt alone about doing silly things. I already spilled my guts on this subject, and then served it on a platter for people to can observes it insanity.


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2008-10-12 21:25:09

why is your only flash the mgs collab? u seem pretty good so why haven't you done anything else?

keirupted responds:

That's a good F---ing question! But, I do promise that I'm making some good one on my poor laptop that can barely push it's processing speed to adequately finish my projects. Not to mention taking care of a baby and work a full time job.