Street Fight Collab part 2

2009-02-18 00:06:55 by keirupted

I figure that I could get this Street Fighter Collab done within a month. Easy right? 30 second film. Well, it's not all that easy with so many thing on your plate.

Imagine trying to go to work (Fed Job), while creating ideas for my second job (Graphic Artist) then developing them when I get home, do my homework (AI Institute), cook dinner every night, trying to get your baby to stop hitting the delete key on my laptop because he thinks it's fun erasing my work, and finally putting him to bed. I still got to develop my website! After all that, I'm exhausted, but still, I push through and it's NOT FUN. Then I do it again tomorrow.

I think that animation is really a thing for people who are single, a bachelor, who lives in grandma's basement. Not for the married, a father, or for someone who has too many obligations. You know, I'm still semi-young, I need to abuse my body before I really can't do this anymore and regret it for the rest of my life.

At least I got it done on time!
Hope I win something for my effort.

--peace out--

Street Fight Collab part 2


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2009-02-27 11:38:40

u suck!

(Updated ) keirupted responds:

Those are big words coming from a 13 year old. Especially making unintelligent comments for no apparent reason. Hope those word arn't too big for you either. Get off that computer and get yourself a Wii Fit.


2009-05-18 21:03:51

The collab was perfect and good job on yours :D


2009-05-20 05:02:27

Once again loved your part, like in the MGS collab.


2009-05-21 16:36:22

For what it's worth, I adored your part. I watched it three times in a row and it knocked me out every time.
Everything was perfect about it, from the unhappy now-stuck-in-real-life characters trying to just get by from day to day with their glory in the rear view mirror, to the subtle voice acting and sound effects at the brilliant anti-climax of the story.

a fan. (who is not 15, it's just a real old username.)