With Our Powers Combined...

2009-05-23 01:26:56 by keirupted

This would be interesting. I in a group that I'm in called "Three is the Power" and my responsibility is doing the illustrations for our game. I have "Roorik101" as the programmer and "AudioVision" for our audio. Typical for me to do the drawing aspect, huh?

I should of post that my other team 'Crimson Shields" are making a game as well. I have P4INKiller as my programmer and Deflektor as my music man.

Anyway, I'm always ready for a challenge. Looks like my other animation is going to be on hold for awhile. I'm drawing Will and Jeff (Stamper and JohnnyUtah) in a cartoon. Release date will be set next year because of the timing. It involves the controversy of whats been happening for the past few months. You'll see what I mean.

I just pasted this on there because I hate leaving my post with just words on there. I was spontaneously drew a chubby guy with chubby guns while I was in the office.

With Our Powers Combined...


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2009-05-23 09:04:46

wow that's a pretty good drawing of a fat guy w/ fat guns


2009-05-23 12:10:05

Its great to know that you'll be participating. I really loved your artwork and sense of humor in your collab parts. Have fun making the game, I expect great stuff from you.


2009-05-24 19:37:55

Very exciting, I look forward to your game n***a.


2009-05-25 05:48:52

go team


2009-05-25 16:56:43

Thanks guys for the support. I'm surprise that the co-authors of the site is rooting along my side. As a 'good parent', I'm finding time for family time and time for work on this project. So far, I'm doing good at not disappointing either parties! That's what no sleep is like!

**Turn into zombie**