Stamper and JohnnyUtah, The Update....

2009-09-01 02:19:07 by keirupted

I'm posting up an update as of the beginning of September...

Dear Diary,

It has been a really crappy summer since I've gotten myself start in all these projects. I started school again and they're demanding more time out of me. At least the project are starting to conclude. One Power of Three group of mine was canceled due to bad communications. We were just getting misinformed. I'm still working on another Power of Three game which is going to be horribly delayed. The good news after so many sleepless nights and defeating obstacles that dare get in my way, I finish the cartoon of Stamper and JohnnyUtah. I was like a bad-ass freight train overcoming these barriers. I won't submit them to Newgrounds until it comes close to Halloween. Until then, I get a good night sleep for the next few days. Thanks for the support from my family, Newgrounders, and people at work.

Now for the next project!!!

Vote for me at AniBoom ....please


Stamper and JohnnyUtah, The Update....


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2009-09-01 03:43:17

Nice pic lol


2009-09-03 10:34:52

Don't wory man, seems like almost everyone had problems with Po3. I'm sure yours will turn out great though.


2009-09-07 09:42:48



2009-09-08 08:12:49

Really good short man, keep up the great work.

Always inspiring!

keirupted responds:

I have some video codec error because there's a big ugly black line on my video. I'm trying to get Aniboom to switch it over to a cleaner version


2009-09-16 21:37:05

bad communications :( i feel like i prick now :(

good luck and you've got my vote :D


2009-10-05 17:02:07