October News

2009-10-06 23:48:46 by keirupted

I'll share my Will and Jeff cartoon on Newgrounds in a moment. I'm working on finishing up my Minesweeper cartoon trailer and completing JKAmovies Marvel Collab. Sorry, I'm a little late, way too man things going on. Here, a picture. For school, I'm suppose to draw a self portrait standing next to my pet or a made up pet. 10 points for anyone guessing what I'm standing next too.


October News


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2009-10-08 20:09:11

Kool i know what it is!
its the thing from Starcraft ^_^

i think its called a Hydralisk

. . . now im looking at it i think im wrong

keirupted responds:

No, you're correct. You've won 10 points!


2009-10-09 14:03:07

YAY 10 points to me . . . what are the points for?

keirupted responds:

I guess 10 'Good Job you've played Starcraft' points. :P


2009-10-19 03:00:00

Nice job on your Spiderman part ;)


2009-10-20 01:50:37

YAY i like these points ^_^