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Posted by keirupted - November 1st, 2009

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween.
I had enough time to carve my pumpkin.

Happy Halloween


Posted by keirupted - October 6th, 2009

I'll share my Will and Jeff cartoon on Newgrounds in a moment. I'm working on finishing up my Minesweeper cartoon trailer and completing JKAmovies Marvel Collab. Sorry, I'm a little late, way too man things going on. Here, a picture. For school, I'm suppose to draw a self portrait standing next to my pet or a made up pet. 10 points for anyone guessing what I'm standing next too.


October News

Posted by keirupted - September 1st, 2009

I'm posting up an update as of the beginning of September...

Dear Diary,

It has been a really crappy summer since I've gotten myself start in all these projects. I started school again and they're demanding more time out of me. At least the project are starting to conclude. One Power of Three group of mine was canceled due to bad communications. We were just getting misinformed. I'm still working on another Power of Three game which is going to be horribly delayed. The good news after so many sleepless nights and defeating obstacles that dare get in my way, I finish the cartoon of Stamper and JohnnyUtah. I was like a bad-ass freight train overcoming these barriers. I won't submit them to Newgrounds until it comes close to Halloween. Until then, I get a good night sleep for the next few days. Thanks for the support from my family, Newgrounders, and people at work.

Now for the next project!!!

Vote for me at AniBoom ....please


Stamper and JohnnyUtah, The Update....

Posted by keirupted - June 4th, 2009

As I was animating for the Power of 3 game that we all teamed up for, my wife was watching "So you Think You Can Dance" on Fox TV. During commercial, I saw this ad displaying the Fox AniBoom and it drew my attention away from my laptop. Should I do it, or I shouldn't do it? That was the million dollar question.
This question had my head rolling for a few days wondering if I really should enter the competition. The people who knew me will of course say to me, "DO IT!". The thing is, I've already committed myself to two different teams in the Power of 3 and I need to spend equal amount of time with my family. Both video and games are due about 3 months from now. Can I possibly do it without neglecting anyone? Well, it's looks like I'm going to try.
In the meantime, my idea for the AniBoom was going to be about Stamper and JohnnyUtah in a completely different cartoon that I already have intended to make. It is going to be about a Halloween special since it is a Holiday base theme. I also asked them both that if it is okay to use their characters into my cartoon of 'Mass Destruction of Diabolical Dick Jokes'. (Just kidd'in, FOX network would never let me get away with that).
But, the skit in my head is already have me laughing and it is very clean for nationwide viewing. It's just the matter of getting started and not disappoint anyone! Oh the pressure.

Stamper and JohnnyUtah.  Should I or Shouldn't I.....

Posted by keirupted - May 23rd, 2009

This would be interesting. I in a group that I'm in called "Three is the Power" and my responsibility is doing the illustrations for our game. I have "Roorik101" as the programmer and "AudioVision" for our audio. Typical for me to do the drawing aspect, huh?

I should of post that my other team 'Crimson Shields" are making a game as well. I have P4INKiller as my programmer and Deflektor as my music man.

Anyway, I'm always ready for a challenge. Looks like my other animation is going to be on hold for awhile. I'm drawing Will and Jeff (Stamper and JohnnyUtah) in a cartoon. Release date will be set next year because of the timing. It involves the controversy of whats been happening for the past few months. You'll see what I mean.

I just pasted this on there because I hate leaving my post with just words on there. I was spontaneously drew a chubby guy with chubby guns while I was in the office.

With Our Powers Combined...

Posted by keirupted - February 18th, 2009

I figure that I could get this Street Fighter Collab done within a month. Easy right? 30 second film. Well, it's not all that easy with so many thing on your plate.

Imagine trying to go to work (Fed Job), while creating ideas for my second job (Graphic Artist) then developing them when I get home, do my homework (AI Institute), cook dinner every night, trying to get your baby to stop hitting the delete key on my laptop because he thinks it's fun erasing my work, and finally putting him to bed. I still got to develop my website! After all that, I'm exhausted, but still, I push through and it's NOT FUN. Then I do it again tomorrow.

I think that animation is really a thing for people who are single, a bachelor, who lives in grandma's basement. Not for the married, a father, or for someone who has too many obligations. You know, I'm still semi-young, I need to abuse my body before I really can't do this anymore and regret it for the rest of my life.

At least I got it done on time!
Hope I win something for my effort.

--peace out--

Street Fight Collab part 2

Posted by keirupted - January 9th, 2009

It's on baby!

Posted by keirupted - August 2nd, 2008

I ran into a website called AwkwardZombie and they had a specific web comic that I like by Katie Tiedrich. It was called 'Creative Expression' and it was explaining how people have certain habits when they are animating or drawing. Such as, on this comic, subconsciously making the exact expression on your face and applying it on paper. I thought it was funny because it is something that many artist do, including me.
I also related to this is when I'm animating or just brainstorming, I tend to make my hand as the character using the first and middle finger as legs. I know it's silly especially when I'm out in public, sitting down, or not being productive. I'm a little embarrased about this because this is what little kids do when they're bored. Sometimes I try to hide it by not being so expressive with by gestures. Even so, I ward people off around me, maybe get an occasional stares, a dirty look from an 5 year old girl. I feel like I should get a sign on me saying, "This is how I work, F* off."
For someone that's almost 30 years old, I really shouldn't be doing this. It's like a form of ADD. I can sit still, but I'll end up saying to myself, "Where the hell is my paper and pencil. I want to draw that guy that's in front of me and give him a third boob."
For anyone else who have these interesting habits, I would like to hear some shared and creative ideas. I'm sure that no one felt alone about doing silly things. I already spilled my guts on this subject, and then served it on a platter for people to can observes it insanity.

Posted by keirupted - July 7th, 2008

I am too, one of those people who is patiently waiting for the MGS Collaboration to come out. No, I am not one of those terrible people who writes bad things to Stamper or JohnnyUtah, pressuring them to release the final product, yet I checked it practically everyday to see if it was published. On the 5th of July, the day after Independence Day, it was to my surprise that it was released. Even if it was just Disc 1 of 2, I couldn't be more astounded. It was a sense of relief knowing that the project was going to be completed after a month of developing it.
After I watched it, I felt a slight disappointment with the creation of this project. I wasn't disappointed with the horrible animation or art style because that can be bypassed easily and hard to judge other people's idea of art. The issue that I have with this project is the content on some author have to share. I agree with the majority mass of our audience stating that the content of this collaboration has some horribly strong adult features. But then again, I forget where I am posting my animation, judging by the previous collaboration. I think next time we should really tone our adult content from a 20 to a 8 on a 1-10 scale. I'm just speaking from my own opinion and whomever believes in what I have to say and not for those who are still 10 years old and yet enjoy a good cock joke. That's what Playboy is for.
I'm not strictly against flamboyant penis flapping because I do find some jokes funny (very limited). I enjoyed DirtyPandaFilms because he doesn't emphasize the idea of what a penis is by drawing a bush, veins, or other uncanny features. Actually, it was rather cartoonish and very stylized, not to mention, slightly humerous. The one that really threw it over the top was Stamper's submission at the end. I get the joke, but how he comes across that idea is pretty wrong. I also remember watching Stampers Blamformers submission and it was also kind of raw. I'm not saying that Stamper should start putting underwear on all of his submission. Every artist here has their ideas and a form of humor that needs to be expressed and I salute them for their efforts. Maybe we should make our next collaboration with PG-13 materials. Sounds impossible? If it is, that's rather pathetic.
Other than that, I think that everyone did a great job for putting their effort and hard work into making this collaboration. If I had to choose a winner for these set of animations, I would choose HappyHarry87. Good job! But, all in all, I enjoy all styles that our authors has to share. I look forward to many more collaboration without excessive flaunting wieners rubbing all over my monitor. I have to Windex my screen every time I watch this.

The Author Speaks about MGS Collab